Jr. High Ministries

Why Volunteer in Jr. High?

It's a Time of Transistion

Jr. High is a time of Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual maturation in a students life.  It's a perfect time to be a great influence in a students life.

They're Asking Big Questions

Jr. High Students are going through a time of Cognitive development.  They're going from believing in their parent's faith to owning their own faith.

God Loves Jr. Highers

The number one reason to join Jr. High Ministries is because God loves Jr. Highers.

It's Lots of Fun

Our team loves Jr. Highers but we also love to have fun.  We're a team that's fun to be on and with.

Student's Need Caring Adults

We believe that when Caring Adults invest into Jr. High Students, that great things happen.

It's an Important Time

Jr. High students are 8 times more likely to accept Christ at this age then they are later on in life.

It's Fulfilling

God created us for service.  Jr. High is a great place to serve your younger brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sharing Your Gifts!

God has gifted you with awesome gifts.  In JHM you can not only use them to bring God glory but you can also help develop those gifts in students.

We're Flexible

If you can't commit to every Sunday & Wednesday, that's ok.  We can work with you to create a schedule that works for everyone.

Our Purpose Statement

Our ministry exists to REACH students with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Reach students with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Equip students for ministry in the local church.


Ally with parents to disciple their students.


Connect students with other followers of Christ.


Honor God with our worship.

Current Opportunities

There are a lot of different ways that you can serve in Jr. High Ministries.  Here is a list of several positions that we currently have open. 

Small Group Leader

We need adults who can lead a small group each Wednesday night from 7pm tp 8:30pm.  You don't need a degree in theology, only a heart for students.

Game Leaders

We believe in having fun in Jr. High.  If you're great at running or designing unique games.  We need your help.

Graphic Design /Media

We'd love to develop a Graphic Design & Media team to kick up the quality of our program a notch.  This is a great position for someone who is great at graphic design or video editing but can't commit to one of our weekly meetings.

Event Coordinator

Maybe you can't commit to hanging out with Jr. Highers every week but you can organize and throw a great party.  We've got a perfect spot for you here on the Jr. High Team.

Maker / Nerd

If you like to build weird things and are up for some challenges then I've got a perfect spot for you.  We'd love to build some unique props and games for our Jr. High Ministry and we could really use the help of a super nerd.  If you know how to program an Arduino, please help us.

Singer / Musician

We currently don't have any sort of worship team for Sunday Mornings.  If you've been gifted with the ability to sing or play music we could use your help to develop a Jr. High Worship Team.


If God has gifted you with the ability to teach or speak to groups of people then we've got a great spot for you to develop those gifts.

Admin Support

If you've been gifted to dot every "i" and cross every "t" and you're proficient with computers.  We could really use your help.  From tracking attendance, running weekly reports, to sending out birthday cards, we've got a great spot for you than can even be done from home.


Our leaders are usually so busy working with our students and having a good time that we sometimes forget to take pictures.  If you're a photographer and you're available to take pictures at some of our events this year, we'd love to have you on the team.


If you're a DJ, or you've always dreamed of being one, we're looking for you.  We're looking for a DJ to play some music and get our students hyped up at a few events each year.

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