We Need You

To play video games for science

Our Goals

We are testing for a possible link between stress and video games.  Most people have heard about different effects video games have on the brain but there is little said about video games effect on stress levels.  Some assume that because of their violent nature that video games may increase stress levels.  We plan to prove that wrong with science.

What We Are Testing

We are testing perceived stress levels in people who play video games compared to people who don't play video games.  The research gathered will be anonymous, although your name is still required.  After you finish the consent form you will receive an email explaining what to do next.

Parent Consent Form

Click above to download the Parent consent form.    Every participant under 18 years of age needs to have their parents fill out form.

Once form is completed please email it to videogames@incrediblyawesome.com to get started with our survey.

How to Get Started


Email the signed form to us at videogames@incrediblyawesome.com

Play video games for an hour

Once you've finished all the steps above you'll be entered to win a 25 dollar Amazon Gift Card.

Questions about our project? Drop us an email to find out more!

This is a science fair project of three freshmen students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School.